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More than 100 partners to whom we are fulfilling all obligations


More than 30 courier companies and logistic bases, 100+ web-based agencies


Shipping in 80 countries and counting, with minimum delays and 97.4% customer satisfaction

Maximise Your Global Opportunities

Benefit from e-commerce globally, get the chance to work with multiple-year professionals

Sell More, Spend Less

More than 1.25 million orders a year, highly optimized process for maximum revenue


One Pacific Place, Level 11, Jl. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 52-52 SCBD,
Jakarta 12190, Indonesia

Registration Number: 4019012531104448

PT Pikathati Karunia Azza is a top 5 company worldwide, working in the field of e-commerce, freight transport and logistic solutions. Our own know-how have been accumulated during years of partnership with several companies across all continents, in different business spheres.

Globally, the need for such service (the e-commerce, freight transport and logistic solutions) as a whole, gave birth to PT Pikathati Karunia Azza. And this is the reason why we call ourselves pioneer in this field, and other companies take example from us. Our global mission is to create high-end technological infrastructure to manage direct sales, transporting and delivering goods to the client, while offering full-scale logistic solutions on a global scale.

Our main office is located in the USA. In order to set up our international company we did a great amount of preparatory work backed by personal and corporative know-how from our team members. Тhis took us 5 years in research and training.

PT Pikathati Karunia Azza entered the international e-commerce market at the end of 2018. As we have previously build strong ties with several partners in a person-to-person relations during the years, PT Pikathati Karunia Azza have benefited form a flying start and has already more than 100 e-commerce, transport and logistic partners in more than 80 countries across the world. We are already amongst the top 5 е-commerce companies in Europe, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Latin America, North America, Africa and the GCC.

We deliver your goods and merchandise or your partners' goods and merchandise. We offer you the possibility to advertise and sell throughout the world wide web, to benefit from a wide net of courier companies and full scale logistic solutions (warehaousing, packaging, labeling). We do everything to improve the quality of customer service: provide a wide range of products, simple ordering system, fast and reliable connection with operators, as well as smooth and secured delivery to any point in the world.


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  • Middle East
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Africa
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